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One at a time. 


That sounds crazy, doesn't it! But it's true. As one book is ordered - say by someone on Amazon - the order is placed in seconds, it works out the nearest print operation, the book is printed and then shipped. It takes just a few seconds to print a paperback or hardback book. And your custmer receives their book in the post a couple of days later, just like any book. 


This is called Print On Demand technology. And everyone's using it. 


What are the advantages?


1. No stock - which is expensive and burdensome (see above)

2. 1 book ordered, 10 books ordered, 1000 books ordered - no problem - all printed and shipped

3. No upfront cost to you

4. Showing as stocked on Amazon, B&N, WHSmiths, Waterstones as normal

5. Never go out of stock

6. Incredible international distribution - you don't have to life a finger


Want to see the printing in action? Check out the video below. 

How Many Copies Of The Book Are Printed?

Some Examples

You're at home having a cup of tea in Harrogate.

Alexa in Denver orders your book from Amazon; it is printed the same day and shipped domestically, arriving 48 hours later. 

Geoff in Sydney buys your book on Booktopia. The paperback arrives a few days later.

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