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Experienced children's book publishing.

Children's books are a popular ​genre, especially for new and first time authors. 

However, whilst a children's book might seem more straight forward than a 80,000 word novel, actually there can be more work to do. For example, each page tends to be typeset by hand, the author often wants custom illustrations, what level of colour printing do you opt for and why, you want to make sure your publisher is offering a sensible RRP and royalty for your book. And of course the fixed format ebook conversion is a more involved process than re- flowable. 

But don't worry, we can take care of all these things for you and more. Please read below for more information. Do fill out one of the contact forms on this page if you'd like to tell us more about the book you've written and you think it would be helpful to speak with us. 

There's nothing like a great children's story, beautifully illustrated and professionally produced as a book to read, keep and re-read. 

'Operation Clean Up Day'

Written by Jason Tucker

Illustrated by Authoright's illustrator, Nick

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 your book

creating memories for the next generation

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Believe it or not, there is potentially more work in a short children's book than there is in a typical length novel. Not only are illustrations often required but the typeset is more complicated and the ebook conversion takes longer. But don't worry, we can take of everything for you:


5* Reviews

Me and My Books

"I loved everything about this book, the story was well thought out

and executed."

Life of a Nerdish Mum

"A really great book and I will now be passing on to my step daughter and I will definitely be keeping my eye out for the next books in the series.”

Writing on the Wall

"I throughly enjoyed this book, it has adventure, history and magic. Perfect for a younger audience but also an easy read for adults.”

Professional bloggers and their blogs have become very influential in the book world. And that's definitely the case when it comes to children's books. 

When we near the publication date for a new book, we will usually carry out a Blog Tour for the new book. This means that our specialist publicist reaches out to their network of bloggers around the world and encourages them to review the book and/or interview the authors. It's a bit like an old school book signing tour but done online, and to a much bigger audience. 

This helps the new author get reviews for their book, both by the Bloggers and on Amazon, and to promote their book to all the readers that subscribe to the blog in question. And this helps sales. 

You have made my dream a reality... 

This is incredible, I love it!

Sharon France, Author of

Two Christmases


Featured Author

When we launch a children's book, it's typical to run a national publicity campaign for the author and their book. This is a 8-week process and we are reaching our to our media contacts at national and regional newspapers, magazines, radio stations and TV channels. This is our Publicity Campaign and you can read more about it by clicking here

This is precisely what we did for Tracy Ogali and her wonderful book, Afterlife. As well as being her publisher, our Senior Publicist - Kate Appleton - arranged for Tracy to be interviewed by the MailOnline, the world's largest newspaper. She also appeared on the LondonLive news and you can watch the interview below. 

This was Tracy's first book. 

"The Authoright team were superb in ensuring that my book, ‘Afterlife,’ received media attention. They produced a beautiful product that I am very proud of."

Tracy Ogali - interviewed on LondonLive News, organised by Authoright's Publicist


From our print on demand partner, we can print and ship globally from the UK, US and Australia. Single orders sold through retailers like Amazon, B&N, Waterstones and others.

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